Our responsibility to the Environment and to your Health

Our commitment to health and the environment is not an afterthought... it’s a key objective in our product development process. As you can see on the following page, we submit our products to some of the most rigorous health and environmental testing on the planet. In every case our products not only meet but exceed these demanding requirements. It’s just one more way that you can count on our promise.

LEED® Contributing Product

This icon has been created by us to recognize those products in our range that qualify for LEED® points. LEED® or “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design” is a program developed by the U.S. Green Building Council that provides third-party verification of buildings in order to satisfy certain environmental prerequisites and earn points to achieve different levels of certification. For more information please visit USGBC's LEED page.

What it means to the planet

Products and programs help to conserve energy, water and other resources.

What it means for humans

Products and programs help to create healthier and safer environments for occupants.


UZIN’s environmentally friendly Ökoline range of products meet the stringent 3rd party testing requirements of GEV Emicode and Blue Angel for environmental safety and indoor air quality without sacrificing product effectiveness.

What it means to the planet

All Ökoline products are solvent-free and low-emitting which means they do not release damaging volatile organic compounds into the environment.

What it means for humans

Because the Ökoline range recognizes and meets both GEV Emicode and Blue Angel requirements, they help to maintain healthy indoor environments for consumers.


GEV represents the German acronym for the Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation, Adhesives and Building Materials or Gemeinschaft Emissionskontrollierte Verlegewerkstoffe (visit® is GEV’s trademark-protected name for their stringent testing and labeling system that categorizes products into 3 emission classes:

EMICODE EC 1 PLUS = very low emission • EMICODE EC 1 R PLUS = very low emission, regulated • EMICODE EC 1 = low emission

What it means to the planet

Although its mandate is primarily for the assurance of indoor air quality, by their very nature, these products are extremely low-emitting so also do not contribute to greenhouse gas accumulation.

What it means for humans

GEV’s extremely stringent standards are recognized internationally as the highest level of indoor air quality protection.

The Blue Angel

The Blue Angel was the first environment-related label for products and services in the world. Since 1978 it has set the standard for eco-friendly products and services determined by an independent jury and by defined testing criteria. The Blue Angel is only awarded to products and services which are of considerable benefit to the environment and, at the same time, meet high standards of effectiveness, health and occupational protection (visit

What it means to the planet

Products are solvent-free and low in emissions and do not produce harmful ozone-depleting greenhouse gasses.

What it means for humans

Extremely low VOC’s, odors and preservatives which do not affect human health.

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

High quality painting, plastering and drywalling tools