UZIN UTZ North America has partnered with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) to plant trees that match the number consumed to make our boxes.

1 tree = 150 boxes = 900 ft2 corrugated cardboard

2022 Usage:

396,777 boxes = 2,429,786 sqft =
2,700  trees to be planted

2021 Usage:

353,240 boxes = 2,108,046 sqft =
2,342 trees to be planted

2020 usage:

407,432 boxes =  2,449,973 sq.ft. =
2,722 trees to be planted

We will conduct a yearly review of corrugated box usage in order to continue the planting of trees.


UZIN UTZ North America works with Green Bay Packaging Inc. and their Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.

Green Bay Packaging Inc. maintains the SFI Label Use and Fiber Sourcing Certification for the manufacture of corrugated shipping containers and folding cartons throughout North America.

What is the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Program
The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) is an independent, nonprofit organization that develops and maintains a sustainable forestry certification program that is the most recognized in the U.S.

The SFI program is based on principles that promote sustainable forest management, including measures to acquire wood from known and legal sources, to keep waters clean and fresh, and to conserve biological diversity.

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In the area of canisters, we focus on the use of recycled old plastic, so-called post-consumer recyclate (PCR). This is processed into granulate, which serves as the raw material for the canisters. This means that fewer natural raw materials are used for packaging and protects the climate and the environment. Compared to conventional canisters, 95 % less fossil raw materials are needed and 75 % less CO2 emissions are generated in relation to the raw material used. At the beginning of 2020, the majority of all canisters were converted to PCR material. In total, we have converted about 75% of the canister demand to PCR material (by weight). In the course of 2021, the closures will also be converted to PCR. In addition to ecological advantages, the canisters have other practical advantages such as a robust handle, easy pouring and good stackability.


UZIN is known worldwide for innovative flooring installation product technology also brings this same innovation to its packaging. The Cube It simple packaging is an ecological solution to help tackle the increasing demands of sustainability. Cube It is a recyclable cardboard packaging alternative to plastic containers and is ideal for architects and specifiers looking for responsible solutions in floor installation packaging.

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Our commitment to health and the environment is not an afterthought... it’s a key objective in our product development process. We submit our products to some of the most rigorous health and environmental testing on the planet. In every case our products not only meet but exceed these demanding requirements. It’s just one more way that you can count on our promise.

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We care about the safety and health of our workers, customers, and community. By sharing material safety and health information, we assist your efforts towards a safer workplace.

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Sustainability Features

Better Indoor Air Quality

  • SCS Indoor Advantage™ GOLD
  • LBC Red List Free

Lower Life Cycle Impact

  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Ökoline



Responsible and Continuous

Through a responsible approach to the environment and the efficient use of resources, we want to make our contribution to environmental and climate protection and continuously improve our ecological footprint throughout the Group. The basis for this is our comprehensive environmental and climate management, which, in addition to operational environmental protection, also includes our upstream and downstream value chain as well as our regional environment.

Sustainability Report 2022

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