The history of UZIN UTZ AG and the Utz family


1911    Foundation of the company by Georg Utz (first generation Utz family) - in Vienna

1919    Acquisition of a factory facility in Ulm

1948    Willy Utz (second generation Utz family) takes over the management of the company,
             Registration of the UZIN brand at the Patent Office in Munich

1950    Start of production of flooring adhesives and leveling compounds

1980    Dr. H. Werner Utz (third generation Utz family) assumes the management of the company

1981     Development of a complete range of environmentally friendly first-generation adhesives

1994    Start of stronger development of the European markets Conversion
              into a public company; product launch UZIN ÖkoLine®

1997    Change of the corporate form to an AG (public company) and listing on the stock exchange

2001    Official opening of the new European logistics centre in Ulm;
             Acquisition of the wood flooring specialist Pallmann

2002   Acquisition of Wolff, the brand for machines and tools

2004   Acquisition of Unipro companies in Haaksbergen (Netherlands) and Gent,
             Belgium with the Arturo brand (resin floor coverings)
2005   Acquisition of SIGA Floor AG and change of its corporate name to 
             SIFLOOR AG (innovative switchTec adhesive technology)

2006    UFLOOR Systems, Inc. arrives in Greensboro, NC USA
             ( Introduction of the PALLMANN brand )

2007    - Acquisition of Hermann Frank GmbH & Co. KG, Flehingen (wood flooring sanding machine manufacturer)
              - Introduction of the CODEX brand for ceramic tiles and natural stone

2008    - Acquisition of RZ Systems (suppliers of cleaning and care systems) and
                the Genial Produkte GmbH in Meckenheim
              - Foundation of new subsidiaries in Hungry, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia

2009      - Acquisition of DS Derendinger AG in Thörishaus (Switzerland), Distributor for Machines and Tools

2010      Introduction of the UZIN brand in the USA

2011      UZIN UTZ AG 100 year anniversary
              ( Julian and Philip Utz, fourth generation Utz family, are now active at the UZIN UTZ AG )

2012      Introduction of the WOLFF brand in the USA

2013      Uzin Utz AG, parent company of UFLOOR Systems Inc., to build New Dry Mortar Plant in Dover, Delaware USA

2015     UFLOOR Systems, Inc. initial production start in early 2015 in Dover, Delaware USA

2017     UFLOOR Systems, Inc. changes corporate name to Uzin Utz North America, Inc.